Requisite Rambling Artist Statement

If I could give myself a nickname it would be something like, “The Kid.” And if I were allowed to label my style of painting, I would call it “Abstract Existentialism.” But like nicknames, such monikers probably cannot be self bestowed. These paintings are indebted to a certain hard hearted New Englandness. A connection to an environment that cannot be shaken, so it must be embraced. They are seasonal. A celebration of sacred New England grounds that are infinitely inspiring — satori in Jamaica Plain.

I will never make a painting as perfect as nature — but rather these paintings express my desire to connect with nature. The subsequent struggle of this process is the sine qua non of the painting. Nature can only be filtered through our egos — what you see is not a picture of nature but our desire to sink into it. I put faith in chance and randomness trusting that the universe will never make a mistake — it is my job to try to get out of the way — it is my inability to do so that provides ownership of the paintings. Nature is the ultimate. Everything is contained with in it. Are these paintings political, shocking or remonstrative? They are sincere. They are a quest to someday, as Thoreau said; “… spend one day as deliberately as Nature.”