Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wait 'Till Next Year

Having moved back to the North Shore after living and working in Boston for the past 15 years, I have immersed myself in the infinite inspiration of sea air and solid souls ... mixed with a wee bit of turpentine. I have always felt a deep spiritual connection to the town of Marblehead, and over the past year I have been impelled to work in a process that I call “Boat Yard Art.” 

I first became driven to change the direction of my art not long after my father died. I suddenly felt a grave and persistent melancholy that I wont bother to bore you with here, except that it really all has to do with my father’s death and my awful feeling that everything was the same yet absurdly different. Over this tumultuous period of time I have become resolute on expanding my way of thinking about process, materials and sources of inspiration. I have come to realize that, indeed, you can’t go home again, but; you can tighten up some loose ends. So, I delved back to my roots and heritage and found inspiration in the raw honesty of the boat yard. 

The result is a body of work that I call Spirits Of The Boat Yard. It is an oblique reference to the boat yard heyday of my father, and subsequently; my time as a curious 8 year old in tow. With easy access to the readily available detritus and tools, my curious exploration of the boat yards of Marblehead launched my own inchoate attempts and deep-seated urge to create. That freedom to explore, play and imagine (combined with some questionable parental oversight) has continued to fuel my Artistic development.

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